DWI Law in Ithaca, NY

DWI, DWAI and DWAI-Drug charges are crimes that touch all demographics of society.  It is an area of criminal law that is in a constant state of change DWI law has increasingly become one of the most complex areas of criminal defense practice. The collateral consequences of DWI conviction can be extremely severe.  There is a possibility that you could end up facing tough penalties such as jail time, significant or even lifetime loss of driving privileges, fines, or community service. Additionally, your insurance rates can be increased and you may even be shut out from some job opportunities and international travel due to your conviction.

With the stakes being so high, it’s a wise idea to enlist the help of an attorney who has a record of effective representation handling DWI cases. Attorney Fitzgerald can help you:

  • Understand your charges and how the DMV will treat your record
  • Become aware of your rights under the law
  • Identify illegal police actions
  • Determine which defenses apply to your case

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Whether this is your only DWI charge or your third, Attorney Fitzgerald can provide the support, advice, and representation you need to fight your DWI charge. Call today—your future depends on it.